I spent my childhood in total nature at my father’s commercial nursery in eastern France. Later, I started traveling around the world and discovered so many surreal places. I realized that nature is the best artist.

In my work I am creating an interaction of colors and shapes which is always changing in different lights. As in nature, the closer you look, the more abstract details will be discovered. By using my own weaving technique in most of my paintings and sculptures and, by using webbing paint in others, I attempt to recreate the interweaving that you find in nature.

Everything is connected.

My Art School background:

​Beaux Art  - Mulhouse, France

De Young Museum Art School - San Francisco, CA

Studied Weaving, Clay Sculpture, Color and Design, Pottery,  Various Types of Painting Classes

 Other Divers Art Classes in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area
Handmade Paper, Felt Making, and French Aubusson Tapestry. These are classes that helped me create my own personal art style

I have shown work my art work in art galleries and art shows through the years in and around San Fransisco, Los Angelas, Carmel, Mendocino, Halfmoon Bay,  Benicia, ST Helena,  and San Jose California

Some of my Art Commissions of Paintings and Sculptures are owned by collectors in USA, France, Denmark, Russia, Australia, New Caledonia, and Barbados

Raphael prepares an alcove for a sculpture installation.